Creating Custom Watchfaces for the Gear S2

I recently purchased a Samsung Gear S2 with the express purpose of creating my own custom watch faces. The first face I created was built using Facer. Facer has a bunch of cool functionality that you can take advantage of, but unfortunately, it crashed my watch face nearly every time I tried to check the time. And the first face I created was simple. Using the cool logo that Mr. Jason Sereno  for our team, I did not much else than slap some hands and some data on top of it. A very simple watch, but unfortunately, not very legible.

The 2K Prod Dev watch face.

Next I tried several other apps for making faces, but couldn’t get anything to work reliably, until I found the Samsung Gear Watch Designer. This is a free program you download and run on your local machine. It works just fine, though I’d like to see some functionality added. For my second watch face, I’d assumed that I could create custom progress bars for any data. Not so with this application. Only battery and steps allow you to create timelines for them. That’s a bummer. My number one ask for this app would be to add in timelines for any data you can query.

My second watch face.

So here’s the second watch face above. There are three arrows that go around the perimeter to show hours, minutes and seconds. Then the time is stacked big in the center. In this shot, it’s 8:20 and 56 seconds. The little icons I created are currently linked to data for (starting at 2pm and moving clockwise) most recent heart rate, day of month, watch battery and step goal progress as a percentage. I wanted to make it totally game hud icons, but I keep forgetting what the abstracted ones, the coffee (date) and armor (step goal) mean. The watches also have custom ‘dim’ faces. These faces show when the face dims to save battery. The Scifi one above basically goes to black and white and removes the extra icons. It could use a little work though as it doesn’t handle the perimeter fade well. I’d also like to thin the characters used for each number to make them light less pixels.


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