Xmas Tree Topper

Hey there,

Our tree topper wore out last year and this year I wanted to make a new one. I’d planned to print the star out after designing it, then incorporate programable rgb leds, a 5V micro controller and other parts to make a sweet sci-fi star for the top of the tree. Well, it’s Dec 20th, and I’ve been working away on the star but I’m not going to make this year’s deadline. I’m going to post anyway, so I’ll remember to come back to it before next year.

3D Printed Parts

Here’s an earlier, quick and grainy render of the star with some basic ideas of the light scheme.
I think this is the ‘final’ model though if the parts don’t go together as expected, I’ll need to make modifications.


And the star from the back.

Modeled in Max, and prepared to print in Autodesk’s Print Shop freeware, here are the parts fixed, positioned, sliced and supports added as necessary.

If you count, you’ve probably noticed there are only 4 arms to the star. I wanted to test the center, back and one arm before printing all the others, so my plan had been print the parts from the top two images, and if they test fit good, to print the bottom two and one more set of arms.


I might go over electronics in more detail in another post. These are the parts that I bought for this star.

My parts list from Adafruit


Here’s the completed circuit. There’s a resistor in the shrink wrap that can’t be seen.

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